Zootopia Tops $1 Billion Mark At The Global Box Offices Today

Zootopia Tops 1 Billion

Zootopia Tops 1 Billion Dollar Mark at the worldwide box offices, today.

Walt Disney recent Animated Movie Zootopia wowed the audience and takes all of us to the roller-coaster ride, this new American Action Buddy Comedy Neo-Noir Adventure Animated Movie today tops the worldwide collection.

Zootopia Tops 1 Billion Dollar mark at the global box offices.

Zootopia Movie which has proven that slow and steady wins the race, However never received the massive opening weekend like Batman v Superman but still it crosses Batman v Superman worldwide collection long ago and now enter in $1 Billion Club.

It’s a huge success of movie like Zootopia which is an Animated Movie, Walt Disney really did it.

Zootopia did fell behind Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice which was released a few weeks later. However, Batman v Superman crosses fastest $500 Million mark but Zootopia’s number remained more consistent over a longer period of time.

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It’s still difficult to achieve the mark of $1 Billion for a animated move like Zootopia however, Captain America Civil War or Star Wars The Force Awakens like movies can achieve $1 Billion mark very easily.

There is also other Animated Movies who grossed a massive amount of money when they was released, In 2010, Pixar’s Toy Story 3 successfully achieved the $1 Billion mark but it was the trilogy and popularity most associated with the Pixar Brand and they really did it successfully.

Toy Story 3 Movie worldwide collection is $1.063 Billion whereas Minions grossed over $1.159 Billion and last but not the least Disney’s Frozen was at the top of this Animated Highest Grosser with over $1.276 Billion at box offices.

More specific, Frozen is the number Nine movie of all time who grossed over $1 Billion mark at box offices and now Zootopia is the latest Animated Action Comedy Movie to join the club.

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Zootopia Tops 1 Billion Dollar Milestone, Today!

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