10 WTF Moments In Harry Potter Movies

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First thing First, I am a Huge Harry Potter Fan. If I were sent to an Isolate Island and could only take a Book Series with me, I Would take a Harry Potter Series because I’m a huge huge fan of Harry Potter Movies.

And that’s why these 10 WTF Moments caught my eyes when I watched the full Harry Potter Series. I’m sure in somewhere these things also caught your minds when you see these 10 WTF Moments From Harry Potter Movies.

1. Why Does No One See Them Disappear?

Harry and Ron Tries to enter in train station 9 3/4

Remember this Train Station, Where the students of Hogwarts School Of WitchCraft and Wizardry run through to platform No. 9 3/4 in the center of a Fully crowded Train Station.

Why does no one see them Disappear? They went through this Train Station a lot. Why didn’t it gets noticed by anyone? What do you think? Do you Notice That Moment?

2. Harry and Ron Steal The Car When Train Left

harry and ron steals the car

WTF is going on in these two little kid’s mind when they steal Arthur’s Car instead of doing what children do, Simply Wait For Someone’s Help but No, they decided to make their own way by Committing Grand Theft Auto.

This probably wasn’t the best idea that they’ve ever had.

3. Lucius Malfoy Wants Harry Potter Dead. WTF?

Lucius Malfoy Wants Harry Potter Dead

This incident is from Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets outside Dumbledore’s office at the end of the movie. When Lucius Malfoy threatens Harry Potter and Yes he just tried to Kill Harry In Hogwarts. WTF is going on?

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4. Dumbledore Giving Hermione The Time Turner

Hermione Time Turner Harry Potter

Why would he do that? And Why was it only used to save Buckbeak? And Why does she’s the only one who have it for full one year? In terms of Studying? What do you think?

5. Harry, Did You Put Your Name In Goblet Of Fire?

WTF is wrong with Dumbledore?

If you noticed you will see Dumbledore a little bit dramatic than ever before. Why? I didn’t understand. He made the rules, No Underage Kid outsmarts the Dumbledore’s Age of Line then why did he asks Harry Potter “Harry Did You Put Your Name In Goblet Of Fire”.

6. Voldemort’s Decision To Kill Cedric

Voldemort's Decision To Kill Cedric

Why would he do that? He killed an Innocent Guy whom he never met before and it’s Cedric’s death which shows Viewers how dark things were going to get.

And it took a long time to everyone to notice that Cedric is not moving. I mean seriously?

7. Sirius Death Shocks Everyone

When everybody thinks that Now Sirius is safe, J.K.Rowling had the last laugh. WTF? Why?

The story of Sirius starts with The Prison of Azkaban and ended up with Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix. Sirius has appeared in half of Harry Potter Series and What J.K.Rowling did she killed Sirius. Wow!!!

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8. Narcissa Malfoy Lying About Harry’s Death

She suddenly realizes that her son means more to her than a some No Nose Evil Guy who just wants to kill the Harry Potter with their own hand gets scared of inspecting a dead Harry Itself. Wow! Voldemort did really get scared by Harry Potter whom he just wants dead in any cost?

9. Voldemort Hugging Draco Malfoy

Voldemort Hugging Draco Malfoy

Source : PinterestGiphy

This is the most awkward moment I’ve ever seen in Harry Potter Movie. I mean what the hell Voldemort was thinking when he just casually hugging the Draco Malfoy in the last movie of Harry Potter Series.

10. And Last But Not The Least ‘Voldemort’s Death’

voldemorts death


This is the most disappointing and the most awkward death of a Super Villain we’ve ever seen.

A Complete lack of atmosphere makes for a very underwhelming ending of a Huge Comic Series is nothing but disappointing. I’ve heard in the first movie that Harry’s safety is important and he’s the one who can stop Voldemort but when he killed the Voldemort in the last scene of the movie they don’t even look at Harry and even his Interaction with Hagrid seems a bit awkward.

Images Source : warner bros

So, What’s your favorite WTF Moments From This List? Share your Views Via Comments.

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