World Longest Movie Ambiance Gets 7 Hour Trailer! – WTF?

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World Longest Movie Ambiance First Trailer Arrives & It’s Equal To 3 Normal Movies! 😮

Are You Serious?!

I know it’s your question when you first get to know that World Longest Movie Ambiance will feature a Trailer worth of 7 Hours of Time and it’s just a freaking Damn Trailer not the movie?

What will happen if i told you about How long Ambiance Movie Run Time Is?

Ambiance Movie is directed by Anders Weberg, Swedish Director and he had released the First Short Trailer of his upcoming film and it just killing us.

The main question is who’s going to watch the Trailer worth of 7 Hours of Your Time? Well, let’s make an exception but what’s in there and what the trailer has contain in it, allow me to tell you, it’s freaking nothing just 2 Guys walking on a beach and wondering why the hell we are here!

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Those who don’t know, Last Year Ambiance First Teaser Trailer was released which is nearly 72 Minutes Long and this year the director release the First Short Trailer of the movie and it’s freaking 7 Hours Long and next year you’re getting a 2nd Trailer and we don’t know how long it will be, when it reaches you but i’m going to tell you this that the Ambiance Movie is 720 Hours Long which means a it will lasts 30 Days, whole 1 Month of Movie which is scheduled to release in 2020.

World Longest Movie Ambiance Is 30 Days Long 😮 What?!

Who does that? A 1 Month Long Movie, where we’re going to sit and watch it? Jesus Christ Who’s Going to watch it in theaters and whats the price of this movie ticket?

Can we rant the theaters for 30 Days or live there as Refugees? 😮 😀 😛

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And we’re lashing out on Zack Snyder by making a 3 Hour Batman v Superman!

Well, you’re feel free to express your thoughts & reaction to World Longest Movie Ambiance First Trailer! Shout out in comments!

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Written by Vicky Saroha

Vicky Saroha

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