A Women Gets Possessed While Watching The Conjuring 2 In Theater – Seriously! What’s Going On?

Conjuring 2 girl screams

Remember two days earlier, when a 65 year old man died watching The Conjuring 2 in Tamil Nadu, India, well, here is another incident happened at theater, a Malaysian Women gets possessed while watching The Conjuring 2.

It’s a very rare incident and last time i recognize this happened with The Exorcist.

However, the video was updated on June 14 on Facebook which means this incident was happened earlier than old man died in Tamil Nadu, India while watching the movie.

This video was shot in the theater in which incident happened and you can clearly hear the Cinema goers, family and friends of the women trying to help her. People are calming down her, so that she doesn’t hurt herself and caused the movie shut off during this incident as everyone tried helping out the women.

Later, the Women family took her to the hospital but her condition isn’t known. The person who recorded this video claimed that the voice of the women turned into a Man’s.

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Don’t forget, The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 movies are based on real incident and this type of incident would make you re-think about going for a horror movie.

What’s your initial reactions after watching this video? Share your thoughts & reactions in the comment thread below.

Conjuring 2 girl screams
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