What Happens If You Fall Into A Black Hole?

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Whenever we talk or think about the things that are a mystery, Black Hole always makes its way through. But what will really happen if we fall into one.

There have been movies made about black hole, space, aliens and Interstellar introduced us to a very different and adventurous ride that featured a black hole.

you will turn to ashes if you cross the black hole

As per many studies, scientists claims that nothing can ever cross the Black Hole. They say that due to so much energy and heat and its own gravitational force and other forces, our body will eventually burn out.

One theory is that our body will change its shape and it will either be too large (extended) or too small (shrink) or both. This way it would be impossible to sustain ourselves there.

you can be immortal and live forever there but only after breaking all the physics laws and science laws

You maybe thinking that scientists have said we will turn to ashes instantly while crossing it then how can we live forever?

By the way it is possible because we merely know anything about space and since we have no solid proof of anything, anything is possible.

Every human body has its own codes (soul). There is a law that INFORMATION CAN NEVER BE LOST. Every living organism has its own information about everything that ever happens to them.

black hole
Image: Forbes

The thing is that scientists have agreed that we can be at two places at once but that doesn’t mean they are two different identities. When we are born, a gravitational field of our own is created which stores all the happenings and always grows longer and longer in the universe and it never stops, even if we die.

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If this information is used, we can live again fight from where we ended and even our memories could be with us. This can happen in a black hole because it has its own gravity and concepts and it doesn’t run on nature’s laws.

The more you go into it, the more it becomes curvy

There is no internal energy or fuel inside it so it ends to become more dense and vast making it impossible for light to have a path.

As much as you go deep into it, you will experience sudden changes in your body and the surroundings . It will become harder to come back. Maybe impossible!

Once you step inside a black hole, there is no scope of coming back

Most of the scientists agree to this point that we cannot come back from it. However, many of you might believe that Interstellar (movie) showed us a comeback but that was a movie and this is real life.

But we cannot just deny it because there must be a way. Yes it is true that TIME NEVER STOPS, NEITHER DOES IT RUNS BACKWARDS, IT ONLY GOES FORWARD.

black hole
Image: WallpapersCraft

We can only run backwards if we travel faster than time (even light) and we just cannot do it because we don’t know the exact magnitude of the speed or force of time because we cannot feel it.

the world is a mysterious place where time exists but nobody knows who created it. we don’t know created us and maybe , we’ll never get to know it. Maybe that’s what our creator want whom we call god or maybe we are god.

I can bet about it that at least once in your life this question would have raised. Who created time?

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We merely know anything about us and the universe and we are all trying to decode what’s not even in our range.

I know that the end of this article seems different and illogical but it’s not. Just think that if the trillions of dollars spent on Space missions and in search of life on other planets were spent on us, things would’ve been different.

What is the point of finding life in such a place which the normal beings can’t even afford to travel to? The world just need a little help, the people just need a little kindness and love.

We all should try to improve our Earth rather than spending billions of dollars on unnecessary things. Try to make this world better and see another world being discovered by someone among us.

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