What Will Happen If You Fall Into A Black Hole?

Ever wondered what will happen if we fall into a black hole….

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There are so many things that we humans are unaware of. Black Hole is amongst the strangest and mysterious thing that we ever have discovered.

What is a Black Hole?

It is a place in space where the gravitational pull is so strong that not even light can get out of it. This is because the matter has been squeezed into a tiny place. This generally happens when a star dies.

We can’t see a black hole because they are invisible.

What will happen if we fall into a black hole?

Now is the correct time to talk about this. The dark matter (we will call it Dark Matter from now on) is squeezed and tightly gathered with the gravitational pull as explained by Einstein.

black hole

The thing is that if you are into the dark matter, the reality splits into two parts: One, you will burn to ashes instantly because of the high gravitational pull and the energy stored in it. Two, you will exist there without being harmed and probably forever. Isn’t it interesting?

As you go deeper, it becomes more curvy and this can lead to time-travel

Those movies about time travel ain’t all wrong because that is possible but nobody knows how to do it. Einstein discovered that the Black Hole gets curvy as we go deeper and when we are deep enough it is infinitely curvy (this is Singularity) and then it overlaps and creates a loop in itself.

This loop can then be crossed to engage a time travel and this singularity hence declines all the laws of physics, space, and time.

black hole

What follows this? Maybe another universe, or maybe nothing. Nobody knows.

Everything slows down there.

Suppose you are having another partner with you and he stays outside of this dark matter and you decide to get in. The moment you’ll be inside, things will get slower and he would see you as frozen.

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What will follow next is that you will slowly be on fire and will turn to ashes as soon as you’re inside of it. This was one point of looking at it.

Now let’s focus on the other one. Suppose, you are inside the enormous space and the stretching stops and you feel gravity pulling you. That’s the freefall Einstein defined as his happiest thought.

The strange part about this is that you can live the rest of your life with peace there unless you die of singularity. You know, the curvy surface.

There’s no going back once you’re inside of it.

You just can’t simply escape it because there is no way out. It squeezes itself and becomes curvy and there comes a point when the way you entered it seems nowhere.

black hole

Time only moves forward. It never moves backward or stops. Keep this in mind.

We can be in two places but only one copy can be there.

Now let’s talk about your friend again who was outside of it. You might be living inside of this matter but he would see you as dead and burned.

You may think that how is this possible but it is possible because information can never be lost. It would always be present because that’s our identity. So, he can literally collect your ashes and show it to the world but you still will be alive. That’s how strange this world is.

Isn’t it nonsensical?

Yes, it seems like that but we can’t blame anyone here because the universe is so complex in nature that we just can’t simply predict the happenings (for now at least).

The fact that each of us has our own encoded information, our existence can only be known by decoding the codes or signals sent by our body. There’s a fact that when we are born, our own gravitational field is created that keeps on spreading as we grow and never stops even when we die.

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Now, if we suppose that the friend of you found that encoded information of you and would try to decode it, then it isn’t that simple as you think.

black hole

In a research in 2013, even if the latest and the fastest computers are taken for the decoding process, it would take a very long time to decode the information and it would be hard to decode it due to the quantum physics and the unsolved mysteries with it.

Reality depends on the person you asks.

The reality is different for everyone. Some have belief in something and the other in some other thing. But we can’t deny anyone’s reality because we are all right in our own.

What is real for one would be different to the other. That’s how life is so vast and versatile. And in the conclusive part, we can only say that this dark matter is something that has got the most of the secrets of the universe.

Who knows there’s a parallel universe on the other side of it (if there’s one) or maybe we can travel back in time or maybe we can see the future or maybe we can find the secret to immortality.

This discussion can never end. But this article has to end somewhere and it’s 11 at night so I would rather give my sleep a bit of priority and continue this some other time with more detailed information and tactics. Stay blessed, keep visiting us.

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