Virat Kohli Slams All The Men Who Watched Women Being Molested On Bengaluru Incident

Virat Kohli

On December 31, while bringing in the New Year at M.G. Road in Bengaluru, several women stated they were molested and heckled by some men in the crowd and this shameful incident has reignited national debate about women’s safety in public places.

Today, Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli took to twitter to express his feelings and outrage on recent Bengaluru Mass Molestation and slams all the Men who watched women being molested in his two-part short twitter video.

Here are the full videos.

Virat Kohli has recently posted these videos on his social media criticizing the loathsome incident and expressing his anger and feelings at the current situation of women’s safety in our country.

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He slams Molesters but also all the Men who stand and watch these despicable acts on the streets and not help the victim.

India’s 2017 started with a very shameful incident as Mass Molestation of the women’s and girls took place on New Year’s eve in Bengaluru.

Keep in mind, Bengaluru is one of the most progressive and highly educated cities in India and still there are many politicians and other people defended the Molesters.

Virat Kohli has lashed out and said he was ashamed to be a part of society where this is seen as normal.

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