Two Men Shot A 23-Year-Old Wedding Dancer In Bathinda Last Year, But Why?

Punjab has 2% of the Population of the nation and 20% of the weaponary

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It’s like a tradition to use guns in weddings but no one knows the logic behind this and sometimes a small celebration turns out to be a deadly day for someone. Same happened with a 23-year-old Wedding Dancer in Bathinda, Punjab last year when two men shot Kulwinder during the wedding ceremony.

However, this case is stuck between an accidental death and a murder. One side of the case is that Kulwinder refused to dance with Sanjay Goel and Lucky Goel (accused) and maybe they shot her in cold blood. The police investigation is taking this as a possibility.

The other side of the case, however, claims that she died due to a celebratory fire. She was dancing all energetically on the stage when suddenly she fell lifeless and the next moment there was complete shock among the people present at the ceremony.

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two men shot

There was blood all over and she wasn’t moving and was dragged outside for the ambulance to bring her body to the hospital. There were blood stains on the way she was dragged.

Kulwinder was one of the thousand dancers who used to work for 2-3k and her work was very dangerous as using guns is an obvious thing nowadays.

It is a strange fact that Punjab’s population is around 2% of the nation’s population and it has got 20% of the weapons. This is somewhere the fault of the government which is not doing anything about this concern. Maybe, if they make it harder to get a license for a weapon, these type of things would happen less.

two men shot
Kulwinder Kaur with her husband

So, maybe it was the fault of the government which made this happen indirectly. But, only the officials can’t do anything if we won’t stop using such deadly things during such events because it only attracts miseries and nobody wants a misery.

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Kulwinder can’t be born again now, and what’s done is done. Those two men shot her and her life ended in a flash and if we won’t take a step, more people would die and more lives would be made hell.

Source//Image: HuffingtonPost

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