Twitterati Searched For The Word ‘Asshole’ & ‘Racist’ On Twitter & President Donald Trump’s Account Showed Up

Twitterati Searched For The Word 'Asshole' & Trump's Account Showed Up

Some of Twitterati on Wednesday noticed that when they searched for the words ‘Asshole’, ‘fascist’, ‘racist’, and ‘worst’ they received a recommendation for the profile for 45th President of United States, Donald J. Trump.

In just a matter of minutes, people came up with new surprising results. The same account showed up when people typed words racist, worst and fascist.

Here are some of the results,


It also happened when Twitterati searched the word ‘golden showers’ and ‘tiny hands’.


Well, in just matter of time, Twitter has now stopped the results for these words but Twitter hasn’t explained yet as for how this has happened but Twitter appears to have manually removed Donald Trump‘s Twitter account from searches for offensive terms.

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