A Trillion-Tonne Iceberg, Which Has An Area of Roughly 4 times The Size of London Just Broke Away From Antartica

Here’s why it should worry us all

source/British Antartic Survey
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Mother nature has just made herself clear when a giant, trillion-tonne iceberg which has an area roughly 4 times the size of London just broke away from Antartica ice-shelf and here’s why it should worry us all.

Trillion-Tonne Iceberg
source/John Sonntag

Due to rapid rising of temperature in West Antartica, ice-shelves are becoming more fragile than ever. Not only does this massive ice-berg pose a security risk to maritime traffic, its separation could cause glaciers stabilized by Larsen C to drift into the Atlantic ocean and melt, which could raise the global water mark by 10 centimeters.

It’s estimated to weigh a trillion-tonnes and has an area of 5800 sq km.

Trillion-Tonne Iceberg
source/British Antartic Survey
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