Three Men Stole 313 iPhone X From San Francisco Worth ₹2.39 Crore

While many people were getting prepared to get in the queues to get their hands on the brand new iPhone X, three men stole 313 iPhone X units from UPS truck in San Francisco worth more than $370,000.

They were quite successful in breaking into a UPS truck carrying hundreds of iPhone X units ($999 price per unit) and went away taking around 313 iPhone X 64GB variants with them. The truck was said to be delivering the units for the sale on 3rd November in a local apple store.

In Indian Currency, the said amount is roughly calculated to be about ₹2.39 Crore. There has already been a shortage in the supply of the latest flagship from Apple and these three men stole 313 iPhone X and made it even worse.

Three Men Stole 313 iPhone X

Although, the store officials have provided the customers with iPhone X that they preordered and said that there won’t be any problems faced by the customers regarding this.

On the other hand, the police are yet to find any clue about where the thieves are headed, but as per the security standards Apple has, it won’t be too long before the thieves will be caught.

A similar incident happened in April this year but the culprit was caught with 100 iPhones after a few of them were traced with Find my Phone facility Apple provides.

As of the writing of this article, the police hadn’t yet got any hold on the thieves.

[Source: Indiatimes]

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