Thor Ragnarok Behind The Scenes Photos Reveals Costume and Aliens

thor ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok will be one of the biggest releases for Marvel Studios this year. Fans have already gone crazy after it was confirmed that Thor would be fighting Hulk in the third part of solo Thor movies.

A new set of Behind the scenes photos reveals the direction scenario and production of Chris Hemsworth’s Ragnarok.

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Thor 3 would see a new track to the Thor universe where he has to ultimately fight Hulk in a death pit to survive as he is imprisoned on the other side of the universe.

Thor is in a whole lot of trouble as he has to race against time to prevent his Asgardian civilization from being destroyed forever.

We will keep you updated with the latest news from Thor 3. [Images: MCUexchange]

Thor Ragnarok Releasing on Nov 3, 2017.

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