Thor Ragnarok : 4 Reasons Why It’s The Best Marvel’s Movie (1 Reasons Why It’s Not)

Thor Ragnarok is out and it is doing an enormous job at the box office worldwide so far within a few days of its release. You might have already watched the movie or you might be planning to watch it on the weekend. One thing is sure, you either loved it completely or hated it. But even the latest Thor flick has few reasons that make it the best Marvel movie so far and there is one obvious reason it is not the best and in fact not even a justified movie.

Reasons why it is the best Marvel’s Movie

1. Thor vs Hulk

As you may know that there’s a pit-fight between Thor and Hulk. Remember Avengers? The time when you enjoyed that punch he gave to the God of Asgard? Well, in Ragnarok, we somehow witness a fight between Thor and Hulk on another planet and it lasts quite a time until Hulk recognizes his Avengers’ partner.

Thor Ragnarok

The whole sequence is a must watch. Although it is nothing when compared to the Batman vs Superman fight.

2. The Tone

You can’t deny that the movie is a laugh riot and that is something you may like a lot. This is something MCU is famous for, the fun and laughter.

3. The way it connects to Avengers Infinity War

To connect a movie to a big release and in a way that it feels like something was always there is a very hard thing to do. And considering the fact that Ragnarok is a very crucial key to this, it successfully establishes a place in audiences’ heart and perfectly connects the coming scenario. However, the last infinity stone is nowhere to be seen, that is one weakness this movie possesses.

4. And Loki, Thor, Hulk Reunion

Thor Ragnarok

It’s been a really long time since Thor, Loki and Hulk had a reunion. Last time it was in Avengers where Hulk smashed the brother of Thor on the ground multiple times out of rage and frustration. That was one funny scene that I still enjoy watching. Well, in this movie, they kinda have a reunion and together they fight the God of Death.

The One Reason Why It Is Not The Best MCU Movie

You may not agree with me but I didn’t quite enjoy watching Thor Ragnarok and there are many reasons for that. I will talk about a couple of them here. First of all, Marvel played it safe here with adding so much comedy into a movie that is based on a really serious comic, Thor Ragnarok. It is about the time when Thor realizes his true potential and gets a feeling that he is a God. In the movie, Thor is so obsessed with punch lines that there’s no time for realization.

thor Ragnarok

For me, I guess there should’ve been more seriousness in him and there should have been a heartbeat skipped kind of situation when you suddenly get a feeling that something really awesome is happening. I honestly didn’t get that feeling at all in the whole movie.

The movie has got too much humour that makes it just a regular movie and in my opinion, a superhero movie should be a bit serious (unless it’s Deadpool). People mocked Batman v Superman a lot about being too dark, but that was one topic where humour had no place. You cannot laugh out loud at the end of the mankind. Can You?


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