15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Iron Man

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Captain America Civil War is in production, so it’s a good time to spotlight on Marvel Cinematic Universe Most Popular and one of the Richest Superheroes of Marvel Comic of all time. Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Ever since the release of First Iron Man in 2008, Iron Man has become a Certified Iconic Marvel Character and simply one of the most popular Superheroes of all time. But here are 15 Things That You probably Didn’t know About Iron Man.

15. Tony Stark Character Is Based On Howard Hughes

howard hughes iron man character

According to Comic Legend Stan Lee, Tony Stark character was based on Tech Magnate Howard Hughes, who Lee Described as One of the most Colorful men of that time.

Howard Hughes was an Inventor, a Multi-Billionaire, a Ladies Man and an Adventurer and most important a Nutcase and all of his Symptoms you’ll found in Tony Stark Character, which is now one of the most Popular Marvel Super Hero and soon will appear in Captain America Civil War.

14. Iron Man Suit Is Very Close To Become A Reality

Tony Stark Armor Movie
source/marvel studios

Lockheed Martin is one of the companies who is trying to build an Iron Man Suit since 2013. Their HULC is meant to help soldiers carry loads up to 200lbs and at a top speed 10MPH for the current period of time. But It’s not that easy. Only few people like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner has the capability to build a Iron Man Suit and Bruce Banner aka Hulk has no interest in Iron Man Suit so, there is only one man left who has the capability to built a suit and that’s Tony Stark.

Okay ! Jokes Apart, Maybe One of these Companies may build Iron Man Suit in Future. Who knows? May be Tony Stark is sharing the Technology with these Companies.

13. J.A.R.V.I.S Has a Lengthy Name

stark genius mark 1 cave
source/marvel studios

In Marvel Cinematic Universe J.A.R.V.I.S full name is “Just A Rather Very Intelligent Machine” or you can say that he is the Avengers Loyal Buttler.

12. Tony Stark Is Very Famous Among Ladiesstark is a playboy

Not Only Boys also Girls are having equal crazy for Iron Man. Yes!!! Your Heard Right! He is very famous among ladies. According to Stan Lee, “An Overwhelming majority of the Marvel Fan Mail received from Females Readers for many years was directed at Tony Stark“.

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11. Tom Cruise Was Almost Iron Man

Tom Cruise Was Almost Iron Man

Now it’s hard to imagine anybody other than Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man but believe it or not, For the first Iron Man Movie Tom Cruise was considered for Iron Man Role and what he did, He Rejects The Role.

The Reason behind turning down the Iron Man Role was he wasn’t pleased with the Movie Script.

10. Tony Stark Was A Villain Not A Superhero

Tony Stark Was A Villain Not A Superhero

It’s pretty much difficult to Stan Lee Turning Stark into a Popular Superhero and it’s got much more difficult when Some People knew that he was first a Villian, not a Superhero.

9. Robert Downey Jr. Is One of The Oldest Superheros

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is become the first oldest Superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by turning 96 last Months in the Role of Iconic Iron Man. He dominated by Younger Superheros like Chris Evans aka Captain America, Chris Hemsworth aka Thor and Andrew Garfield aka Spiderman.

8. Tony Stark Owns Area 51

Tony Stark Owns Area 51

Stark is a very rich Superhero and in Marvel Comics it was revealed that he owned the Goverment Secret Area 51 which was also known as a Military Base. But till that it is not revealed in any of the movies of Marvel that Tony Stark is the owner of Area 51 but in Comics, He Owns Area 51.

7. Stan Lee Didn’t Right His First Appearance In Comics

Iron Man vs Captain America CIVIL WAR New Entry Battle Poster

Stan Lee actually didn’t introduce the Iron Man First Appearance to the Marvel Universe. He Didn’t right the Tale of Suspense #39 which introduced Tony Stark to the Marvel Universe.

The Reason behind that he was so busy in completing the Comic Series that he didn’t have actually time for writting Tony Stark First Appearance.

6. He’s An Alcoholic In Marvel Comicstony stark is a Alcoholic In Marvel Comics


Remember the Drunk scene in Iron Man 2 in Tony Stark’s Birthday Party in which he was acting like a fully Drunk Man actually in Marvel Comics he is an Alcoholic. He has some serious Drinking Problem in Demon In A Bottle, it’s a storyline in which his Alcoholism is revealed.

Shane Black actually wanted to adopt Demon In A Bottle for Iron Man 3 but Disney wouldn’t allow it because of a large number of childrens who watch Marvel Movies and he is so much popular among Kids, Disney wouldn’t allow Drunk Iron Man in Iron Man 3.

5. Tony Stark Is One of The Four Founding Member of Avengers

Best Action Movies of 2015 avengers age of ultron
source/marvel studios

Yes! Stan Lee introduces Iron Man in the first issue of The Avengers. After the first meeting with Loki in which Loki controlled the Hulk, Tony Stark assemble the team in his Mansion in which AntMan, Wasp, Thor, and Hulk was assembled and later Captain America was also Introduced to the team.

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But you’ll be surprised to know that Tony Stark stole a piece of Thor’s Hair during the first meeting and years later created a Thor’s Clone using of him During Civil War.

4. Tony Wanted X-Men To Join His Team Against Captain America During Civil War

tony stark vs x men

Stealing Thor’s Hair is not the only mini recton that Civil War made. Tony Visited to the X-Men to see if they would join his team against Captain America and the X-Men refused to join him.

3. He Builds Pepper Potts Her Own Suit of Armour

pepper potts armor suit

It was created to help Pepper save lives rather than endanger her life in Superhero Battles.

2. Robert Downey Jr. Hates Iron Man

Iron Man armor suit
source/marvel studios

In Downey’s younger days he didn’t actually value the Iron Man character and one day in 1981 when Robert Downey Jr. was 16 he received a suspension from school for snatching a comic book from the hands of one of his Classmate and calling him a Nerd and he tore it to pieces in front of him.

What a strange coincidence, Now he is playing the same character who he tore it up in his younger days in school. He Tore it up the Iron Man Comic.

1- According To Forbes Stark Is The 4th Richest Fictional Character In Comics

Richest Fictional Character Comics tony stark vs bruce wayne

Do you know? Exactly How Rich he is? He has his own Mension, a Skyscraper in New York and Billions of Dollars in his Bank Account. He’s not exactly struggling to pay the bills like DC Superhero Clark Kent aka Superman and Marvel Superhero Peter Parker aka Spiderman.

Tony Stark is in #4 and Batman is in #6 Spot on Richest Comic Book Fictional Characters.

Top 8 Richest Fictional Characters According To Forbes

#1 Scrooge McDuck.

#2 Smaug.

#3 Carlisle Cullen.

#4 Tony Stark.

#5 Charles Foster Kane.

#6 Bruce Wayne.

#7 Richie Rich.

#8 Christian Grey.

What do you think about your favorite Fictional Character Iron Man? Shout out in the comments!

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