Review : ‘The Broken Man’ Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7

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The Broken Man   has got many secrets for you and believe me it will give you a relief too because an old foe is back.

The episode starts off at a soft note and just in about 1 minute of play, we get to know that the Hound is alive. He’s now working for a life and was saved by an old soldier who quit fighting to serve people.

In last season, we saw the Hound lying on the rocks and was about to die and he asked Arya to kill him instead but she refused and went away. It looks now that he’s changed.

The Broken manI would focus on him first and would tell you all about the incidents featuring Hound. They all were telling stories when some soldiers from the Lord of Fire’ side arrived and asked them what they were doing.

After they went away, the Hound warned them that they will come back and kill them all but the oldie didn’t bat an eye. Later on, when the Hound was cutting down the trees, he heard some noises.

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He ran towards them and all he could see was dead lying around and the oldie hanged. Then he takes the axe in anger and leaves, that’s where the episode ends. And that’s the Broken Man we are talking about.

Jon Sno, Arya Stark and Ser Daavos

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark gets 62 soldiers from their ally but still they’re very few as compared to the Boltons. Jon wants a fight because he don’t think they have much time.

Jamie Lannister marches Riverrun and asks the Blackfish to surrender, which he brutally refuses. Now as Brienne is also marching towards Rivverun to ask Blackfish for their support, it would be interesting how Jamie would take it all.

Theon and his sister and all the soldiers are in a bar and are planning to sail to Meereen and join Daenerys and then take back the Iron Islands from their uncle. Theon literally doesn’t enjoy the naked girls and all for obvious reasons.

Margery and High Sparrow

Margaery is in control of the High Sparrow now and as she’s now forgiven she is ruling Kings Landing with King Tommen. The High Sparrow threatens to put her grandmother in prison and asks her to make her go away from the Kings Landing.

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Margaery confronts her grandmother and gives her a chit with a Rose on it, which we still can’t figure out what it means. Even though she understood it. Maybe, Margaery will do something to save her brother and end the High Sparrows.

Margaery Rose

In Braavos, Arya Stark bargains her trip to Westeros with a bunch of coins and while she was standing on the bridge, the girl from the Black and White house stabs her in her stomach.

Arya then jumps off of the bridge into the river and pulls herself out of it. She is now really hurt, bleeding and in fear that the No Face Man (H’ghar) would haunt her and kill her with the girl.

Arya Stark

The Broken Man ends with a suspenseful note, where we don’t know what will happen to Arya Stark and where would the Hound, the Broken Man, will go.

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Written by Jinu Saroha

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