Terms of Service

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Hi there! You are reading the Terms of Service of Storyshouter.com which is basically the contract between Viewer (User) and the Owner (Site Owner). Please make sure that you go through this and agree with the terms and conditions of usage and distribution of the property.

User Behavior

  • You as a user should maintain the standards and should not insult, harras or disrespect other users, authors, editors, the site owners etc.
  • Through this , you agree to use the site’s content but should not distribute, defame, or copy the site’s content.
  • You as a user can register your complaints can give your suggestions and can give your view regarding the site’s content through comment or through e-mail at – storyshouter@gmail.com or storyamaze@gmail.com
  • The content you create on Storyshouter belongs to you but you give us permissions to use it on the site.

Usage and Content Stability

You as a user has the permission to view, comment and share any of the articles/content on Storyshouter. You have the right to give us necessary feedbacks and can criticize if you find anything that (a) is oppressive , (b) harras or defame any personality, (c) is a hoax , (d) is sexually explicit and contains vulgarity.

You should also be known to the fact that all the/ most of the information (text, images, videos etc) is from a third party and Storyshouter is not responsible for its accuracy.

Copyright Policy

As mentioned above, most of the content (images and videos basically) comes from a third party and are subject to a copyright. Other than that, you are not permitted to copy, mold, misinterpret or distribute the content on Storyshouter without any permissions from the site admin.

You can use the images here for certain purposes (like if you have a blog or website, you can use the images but with proper credits) and should not use them in bad terms.

Propriety Rights 

All the logos, trademark, and service marks are the intellectual property of Storyshouter and should not be used without written permission from the site owners. Any unauthorized use of Storyshouter’s property would be considered illegal act and strict action would be taken.

Rules of Conduct 

It will be considered a violation if you ,

  • distribute/copy any user content or site’s content
  • wouldn’t maintain standards of behavior while commenting or contacting any of the site authors, other users, editors etc
  • use the service for an illegal purpose
  • use any spy, bots, or spider to track the user behavior and site’s administration
  • spam the comments and/or other user’s e-mails or other contact networks
  • post unnecessary links
  • post adult content
  • misguide other users
  • misinterpret the site authors, content etc
  • be involved in generating false traffic,
  • try to hack our site administration or other user,authors, editors accounts

You as a user has been given supreme rights to read, share, comment on this site and its content and are requested to maintain peace and loving atmosphere. If you do not imply with these terms you are free to leave the site.

Thank You for your precious time! 

Team Storyshouter

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