Sushant Singh Rajput’s Handwritten Letter For His Late Mother Will Break Your Heart

Because no one can replace MOM

Sushant Singh Rajput's handwritten letter

Mom is the most significant part of our lives. Our Dad tends to be angry and serious but it is our Mom who takes care of us every single time and keeps us safe. Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput’s handwritten letter to his late Mother is the reason behind the nostalgia.

Sushant took to Instagram and posted two heart-wrenching letters that tells a lot about how close he was to his mother and how much he misses her.



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#Mother It’s beautiful. It’s forever…

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Sushant’s recent success of MSD The Untold Story led to many directors approaching him for big roles as now they believe he can catch the audience’s attention solely.

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He has already stated that he became what he is today because of his mother and she supported him on every decision. His mother promised to be with him always, but sadly, she couldn’t keep her promise because GOD took her away.

It is well said that we can get whatever we want anytime but we lose so much in the process of achieving something. Some souls are left behind, some passions, there are a lot of things that gets lost somewhere.

It’s easy to be a successful person or maybe the richest person on the planet but it’s impossible to get a mother back. We can’t buy a mother’s love from anywhere.

We can rely on our mom’s shoulder because we know she would be there when no one else will be. She is the person who would always believe in us when the whole world is against us.

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We know your pain Sushant. We all can understand it.

How did Sushant Singh Rajput’s handwritten letter affect you? Comment below! Also, share your memorable moments in the comments section.

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