Does Superman Show Us His True Power In Justice League?

Warner Bros/Batman v Superman
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2013s Man of Steel was failed to show us Superman True Power & positive side but DCEU recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did show us how Superman feels about mankind and his perspective on world’s vision towards him, Superman did sacrifice his life to save humanity in Batman v Superman and he did change Batman too, whose went on very dark places after Robin’s Death but looks like everything is now normal again but looks like Superman is the only one superhero left whose abnormal and here is our question, Does Superman unleashed his true powers in Justice League?

Every Superhero has his strength and weaknesses but Superman is the only one with only one weakness, Kryptonite but still he’s in control and never showed us his true powers in DCEU, there are numerous things he can do but he didn’t, Have you seen Justice League (Animated Version of Justice League), in which Superman single handed wipe out Darkseid, if not here is the video explains how powerful actually Superman is!

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Superman True Power Unleashed On Darkseid In JL Animated

Nowadays, DCEU wants to make his superhero movies as realistic as possible, so what went wrong with Superman?

Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy did a fantastic job by showing the actual strength and weaknesses of Batman, Nolan defines Batman once and for all, he made Dark Knight Trilogy as down to Earth as possible and he really did it very well, then Zack Snyder showed up with Superman Reboot in 2013 but he failed to represent the actual Superman to the fans but here is the full chance for Zack to show who actually Superman is and what he can do with his great powers, after all, he’s the best we can get, Superman is the most powerful superhero we all knew and hopefully we might get a chance to see his actual power in DCEU next year Justice League.

Because what we witnessed in Man of Steel end, was not clearly describe his power. Superman knew he had no choice that’s why he killed Zod to save humans and stop him to destroying the planet Earth.

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Do you think Superman will be unleashed in Justice League?

Batman v Superman International Teaser
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