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As all of us knew that Warner Bros tomorrow release Suicide Squad 2nd Trailer and Wonder Women Movie First Look with Dawn of Justice League Movie & Legends of Tomorrow TV Show on Tuesday night on the CW, but before that Warner Bros has released the First Official Suicide Squad Posters ahead of the new trailer.

However, we haven’t seen any Fight Footage or Big Screen Live Action of a Super villains team but you do see the First Suicide Squad Posters which is a bit strange but fits into the Synopsis of Suicide Squad Characters.

Warner Bros released these Art Pictures of Every Team Member of Suicide Squad and we’ll show you who are these Big Players? Want To Know More About Suicide Squad Characters? Here we go!


Suicide Squad Deadshot
source/warner bros

Suicide Squad Team one of the biggest weapon of destruction boats a electric ensemble character skills and talent and this character is played by Will Smith.

Will Smith aka Deadshot is trained as a High Professional Deadly Assassin whose sole motivation in life is taking care of his Daughter. Will Smith is portrayed a Deadly Assassin who was captured by Government and sent him to a High Security Prison in which all other Suicide Squad Team Members are also captured.


Suicide Squad Joker
source/warner bros

One of the key player in Suicide Squad now officially print on Suicide Squad Posters for the first time. As you’ve seen in the First Team Poster of Suicide Squad, Joker was not included in it for some reason but now, he’s back on Official Suicide Squad Posters.

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Jared Leto Joker version in Suicide Squad seems a lot more different than previous incarnations but as for this Poster we can appreciate that his new crooked grin looks will remind you a Bat. You know what Bat means? Yeah! I’m talking about Batman. Did You Know That? Batman aka Ben Affleck also has a cameo in Suicide Squad?…Surprised!

No, It’s true Suicide Squad Features Batman too but you’ll see him only in the Movie or may be you may see a glance of him in tomorrow’s 2nd Suicide Squad Trailer.

Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
source/warner bros

Those who don’t know she was first debuted in Batman : The Animated Series from the 1990’s. Harley Quinn has been a Fan-Favorite Character ever since 1990’s.

Harley Quinn and The Joker relationship is easily one of the most anticipated key elements from Suicide Squad and you’ll know more about her new character in Suicide Squad Movie when you will watch it in Theaters.


Suicide Squad Katana
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Master of Swordsplay Katana, another Assassin from Suicide Squad is very creepy character in the movie which is played by Karen Fukuhara. Katana Mask and Hair adds a certain Degree which we all will see in the movie.


Suicide Squad Diablo
source/warner bros

This Poster describe very much of his real character which is played by Jay Hernandez in Suicide Squad. It has the same Tattoo of a Skull on his face as you can see in these Suicide Squad Posters.

Rick Flag

Suicide Squad Rick Flag
source/warner bros

Again, A Highly Trained Potential Deadly Assassin which is now a part of Suicide Squad, played by Joel Kinnaman’s. He’s also be needed to control his psycho teammates and keep them in line as he’s one of the Deadliest Assassin in the team.

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Suicide Squad Boomerang
source/warner bros

The Character of Suicide Squad has dropped ‘Captain’ from his name in the comics but as we can see on Official Suicide Squad Posters there is only Boomerang left from his full name. But still he used his Signature Weapon which we can see on the Suicide Squad Posters.

Killer Croc

Suicide Squad Killer Croc
source/warner bros

Finally, DC Cinematic Universe introduce Killer Croc Character in movies, many DC Comic Fans thoughts that Killer Croc might never make it into Live Action but Warner Bros Now Finally introduce him in upcoming Suicide Squad Movie which is played by Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje.


Suicide Squad Enchantress
source/warner bros

This Character is comes straight from the world of magic. However, the official poster doesn’t provide us any info about her character in the Movie but surely, Enchantress will land on a Interesting Position in DC Cinematic Universe as the Movie Comes Out.


Suicide Squad Slipknot
source/warner bros

Slipknot is a Highly Trained Assassin and a Mercenary whose specialty is in Ropes and Knots played by Adam Beach. He’s well trained Martial Artist as well and get ready to see some Sick Moves from him in the upcoming Suicide Squad Movie.

Suicide Squad Posters – Official

Suicide Squad Posters
source/warner bros

So, What do you think of these Suicide Squad Posters? Do You like Suicide Squad Posters? Shout out in comments!

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