Suicide Squad Movie Runtime Revealed – It’s Over 2 Hours

Suicide Squad Movie Runtime

Warner Bros upcoming action, thriller & fantasy superheroes flick Suicide Squad finally has revealed its Runtime to the audience. Suicide Squad Movie Runtime is over 2 Hours!

There is such a short time left (38 Days) until one of the most anticipated movies of 2016 gets released. Suicide Squad has finished its final mix and coloring and now it’s off to the lab and then the world.

Here is the official runtime which is confirmed by and it’s exactly 130 Minutes (2 Hours and 10 Minutes) including credits.

Keep in mind, Man of Steel runtime was 143 Minutes and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice runtime was 151 Minutes, both are critically panned movies but let’s hope Suicide Squad quirky characters will have a considerable, comprehensible and entertaining story, worth 130 Minutes.

Suicide Squad will arrive on August 5.

Suicide Squad Movie Runtime is 2 Hours & 10 Minutes. What would you prefer it to Shorter or Longer?

Suicide Squad Character Posters
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