SRK’s ‘Raees by Rail’ Promotion Results In A Tragic Death Of A Man

Man died of Cardiac Arrest on Vadodara Railway Station

raees by rail

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees is running in theaters and he’s working really hard to make it a big hit. Recently, SRK decided to do Raees by Rail promotion and everything was going accordingly until a tragedy happened.

As per the reports, when the train reached Vadodara Railway Station, the crowd went crazy and this resulted in maniac. Everybody was running here and there and to control the crowd, the Police started ‘Laathi Charge’.

The crowd was so huge that a fan died of Cardiac Arrest on the spot. Farid Khan Sherani (report claims he’s connected to Samajwadi Party too) was there to meet a female journalist on board with Shah Rukh Khan.

raees by rail

Unfortunately, the huge crowd resulted in a severe heart attack that took his life. The deceased was then rushed to a nearby hospital but was announced dead on arrival. The doctors previously advised Farid to avoid places with a heavy crowd.

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Apart from this, a policeman also died at the time of writing. A few others were also injured during the mishappening.

We don’t know if it is going to help in the promotions because such a mishappening could very well result in the downgrade of movie’s performance. Anyways, nobody would ever forget Raees due to this.

[Source: BollywoodLife/IndianExpress]

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