This Is How Spider Man May Be Introduce In Captain America Civil War!

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Spider Man is in the Captain America Civil War, there’s no secret in that and Marvel Cinematic Universe is now officially introduce him in the First Marvel Cinematic Appearance as a cameo.

This will be the first time when Spider Man will be seen in another Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. However, you’ll see a teenage version of Spider Man in the movie as the role is played by Tom Holland who is very young and the only one who can fit into this role for Captain America Civil War.

Director Russo brothers doesn’t want to show or revealed much about the Movie and Specially Spider Man but they do reveal about his Uniform will be Special in the movie and that’s all we knew so far but when they’ll release the new Trailer for Captain America Civil War Movie we’ll know better about Spider Man appearance and his role in the movie but for now, Rumors are that Spider Man will be introduce in the Captain America Civil War movie like this,

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Tony Stark has been keeping his eye on Peter Parker (Spider Man) for long time and he seeks the teenager out to recruit him. Maybe, Stark sees a little himself in Young Peter Parker and also he’s always had a aptitude for science and Getting Into Trouble/ 😛

But the question arises, Why Peter Parker accept his offer to join instead he has other lot of work to do on his own?

Keep in mind that Russo Brother cast a Young Spider Man who has a age of 15 Years old and sources point out that Peter Parker inspired to became Spider Man because of Tony Stark or you can say he grew up idolizing Tony Stark and keep in mind that Stark has been Iron Man for almost 10 Years in MCU and Peter Parker is now 15 years Old so he’s grown up watching Stark as a Real Life hero.

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So, If someone like Tony Stark comes to your house and offer you to join his team…You’re not going to say No, Especially when he offers a High Tech Advanced Suit for your Vigilante activities.

Anyway this is just a Rumor Right Now but Captain America Civil War is just a few months away and there is lot to come from Trailers and TV Spots of Civil War and Hopefully we’ll find out more Spider Man’s Role in the Movie soon or even get to see his Advanced Suit closely. Who Know? Stay Tuned.

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Captain America Civil War Movie will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

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