Spider-Man Homecoming Set Photos : The Shoot Has Begun!

Spider-Man Homecoming Set Photos

If you’re waiting for Spider-Man Homecoming Set Photos, your wait is over because at last the first set photos arrived and they feature Tom Holland aka Spider-Man.

A photo is posted on Facebook by James Gunn quoting Tom Holland Jon Watts and himself while the other two are from Twitter. These are not the official principal photographs but are from the sets so they are unofficially official.



After appearing in Captain America Civil War, Spider-Man will make his reappearance in Spider-Man Homecoming along with Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr and Michael Keaton as Vulture aka Villain.

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Tom Holland presented to us the Spider-Man who is humorous as hell however not fully prepared for a fight so maybe that’s why Tony Stark would be helping him in his solo movie.

These first Spider-Man Homecoming Set Photos only tells us that the shooting has begun and the movie will be completed before this years end and then we will have the first trailer from the Spidey movie.

 Spider-Man Homecoming Releasing 7th July, 2017

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