Spider Man 4 Would Have Featured Vulture and Mysterio as Main Villains

Spider Man 4 Villains vulture and mysterio poster

Spider Man 4 Villains confirmed by writer Jeffrey Henderson.

Spider Man Homecoming would have featured Spidey’s two most iconic villains in upcoming flick.

“Young Peter Parker (Tom Holland) navigates his way through high school while fighting crime as Spider-Man”

Spider Man Homecoming is in production, however the film still hasn’t revealed about their villains but now illustrator and writer Jeffrey Henderson is posting concept art for the planned Spider Man 4 or now widely knows as Spider Man Homecoming, showing off Vulture and Mysterio.

Henderson also states,

“We were working on some crazy stuff because everyone from top to bottom felt that Spider Man 3 was a bit of a missed opportunity and we all really wanted to help Sam take Spider Man Homecoming to another level so he could end the series on a high note”

Of Course, Spider Man 3 was a mess with lots of Villains in the end, Venom and Sandman wasn’t handled well and making him Uncle Ben’s Killer re-writes Spider Man Legacy and not this, there are also characters like Gwen and Harry wasn’t handled perfectly and killing Harry was the worst decision. So, in later it turned out a Disaster for lot of Spider Man Fans.

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Jeffery Henderson teases us with two classic villains of Spider Man but we don’t get to see much of Mysterio in action in the concept art, however, Vulture is prominent in more action set pieces also including one with the Helicopter.

Spider Man 4 Villains:


Spider Man 4 Villains vulture
Jeffrey Henderson


Spider Man 4 Villains Mysterio
Jeffrey Henderson

We still don’t know about Who’s the main villain in Spider Man 4 but it looks like Vulture is the one. Micheal Keaton was recently cast for a classified role in Spider Man 4, maybe Micheal Keaton is your new Vulture.

Could you see Micheal Keaton in that role? Share your reactions & thoughts on Spider Man 4 Villains in the comment section below.

Spider Man Homecoming Movie will hit theaters on July 7, 2017.

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