Game of Thrones Fan Reveals The Secret Letter Sansa Wrote In Last Episode!

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Those who watched the latest Game of Thrones episode might have a question in their head that what the secret letter Sansa Stark wrote stated or to whom does it belong?

Well, a fan revealed what it said and it was nothing but his eagle eyes and some help from redditors that made it possible and now we have that letter (though not completely but 90% of that).

The letter said,

……(you promised) to protect me. Now you have the chance to fulfill your promise….. Knights of the Vale are under your command. Ride north for Winterfell. Lend us your aid and I shall see to it that you are (well) rewarded…

This letter looks to be written to Lord Petyr Baelish who promised Sansa to protect her from all the sorrows and it looks that he would join Jon Snow and Sansa Stark in the fight with Boltons in Winterfell.

[GoT S06E07] What did Sansa write in that letter?

So, a lot is to happen in the coming episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6 and also the preview of the 8th Episode saw a big turn around with Brienne and Jamie meets up.

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You can see the episode preview below!

This secret letter Sansa Stark wrote will have a big effect in Winterfell and the upcoming episodes because as we already know (through book spoilers and last 3 episode’s titles) Ramsay Bolton has to die.

So, that’s it for this news. Keep in touch for more!

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