Saturday Night Live Pays Tribute To Former President Barack Obama

“Thank You President Obama”; “Don’t Go!”

Saturday night live pays tribute

Donald Trump has taken possession in the White House and Barack Obama and family has left it. Things have changed now. And in their first episode post-Obama’s reign, Saturday Night Live pays tribute to the “World’s Best President” Barack Obama in their very own style.

The episode was dedicated to the most loved American President (now Former President). At the end of the show, the two leads offered a mug to Obama with “World’s Best President” quoted on it.

And then Zamata pled “Don’t go!” just moments before “Thank You! President Obama” covered the screen. The whole episode was nostalgic and such a tribute says a lot about how much America is going to miss Barack Obama.

Saturday Night Live pays tribute to not only the beloved President Obama but also to the Obama who fought the recession period and lead America to rise again.

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We all love you, sir Barack Obama. We will miss you. 😢


Written by Jinu Saroha

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