Salman Khan Claims BlackBucks Died Of Natural Cause and Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing

‘Yes, they died naturally just like the people on the Footpath’

salman khan said blackbucks died

In the Jodhpur court today, Salman Khan said Blackbucks died of natural causes and he didn’t kill them. He even claimed that the witnesses were brought up by the Forest department for publicity.

Salman Khan further said that only the first report by Dr. Nepalia stating the Blackbucks died of Natural Cause is true and the rest of the evidence are false.

Now, this may seem to be foolish to you too or if you are Bhai’s fan, this will make you outrageous but no one can stop Twitter from bashing the Bhai’s statement.

Here are the tweets making fun after Salman Khan said Blackbucks died of natural cause.




God knows how Salman gets acquitted even after so many lame excuses. This can only happen in India. Salman Khan was previously acquitted from the accident case. Clearly, money speaks in our country and there’s no cure for that.

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Maybe, Salman Khan is right. The two Blackbucks died of natural cause just like the people on the footpath that night. Isn’t it right, Salman bhai!

Written by Jinu Saroha

Jinu Saroha

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