“Robert Downey Jr” Journey From A Drug Addict To Highest Paid Actor In The World – Such An INSPIRATION…!

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Want Inspiration…?!

Yes!…Then Read This!

In 1977, Scrubbing Pizza Pans in LA Country Prison Kitchen, Robert Downey Jr Earned 8 Cent an Hour and now in 2016 he takes over $80 Million USD Per Movie.

I think you’re now inspired…! Okay, Now See On The Next Article… 😀

Wait…! 😮 What? You’re not inspired yet?…Hmm…Okay then here you go…

From 1983-1995, Robert enjoys a Great Run in Movies and we it seems we finally got our greatest actor of generation but just few time after that, Robert Downey Jr nosedive in the world of Drug Addiction.

robert downey inspirational life journey

Robert, is the only actor and the exceptional one, murdering his own career all for the love of Drugs, Cocaine and Heroin.

In 1996, what he has left, is a shattering acting career and uncontrolled drug addiction and after that the things were pretty harsh and crazy.

robert downey inspirational life journey

From 1996-2001, Robert got arrested several times on multiple drug charges it includes Heroin, Cocaine, Valium and almost everything drug that you can name.

In 1999, Robert Downey Jr Quotes,

“It’s like I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal.” – Robert Downey Jr

robert downey inspirational life journey

and on several occasions he blame his dad too (Who’s also an Drug Addict) for feeding him Drugs since he was 8 Years Old.

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This is not enough, Later he got Bipolar Disorder which ruined his acting career and kept him from taking up his career defining roles at that time.

robert downey inspirational life journey

Serving in and out of prison and relapses for continues 5 Years, made him think that what he was doing is wrong and now he has to do something to save his life.

When Robert Downey Jr finally decided to get out of the hell which he was in from several years, then most of the directors doesn’t showed faith in him after his Drug Life but Robert didn’t back up and starts with a new man inside from him.

robert downey inspirational life journey

But still, Due to his Drug Addiction, Directors kept as much as 40% of his pay as Insurance against his Drug Addictive Behavior. So, instead of 100% Pay Check he’s ended up getting only 60% for every movie he’s into after he’s Drug Life was over.

While he still struggled to get Major Movies Roles, he was completely Drug Off.

and In 2008…Downey Blew Up!…with…IRON MAN.

Robert Downey Jr. Inspirational Life journey

The YEAR 2008, surely the best year of his career, when Iron Man Movie was an International Blockbuster and the same year he signed a Mega Deal with Marvel Studios for Iron Man Trilogy and also appear in several other Marvel Movies too.

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In 2009, He became a Part of another Mega Franchise … SHERLOCK HOLMES.

robert downey inspirational life journey

and the rest is History, he has two most popular movie characters Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes in his pocket and there is nobody in the race to face him…Yet!

Today! Robert Downey Jr is a Mega Star with Millions of Fans across the Globe…(Including Me) and currently the Highest Paid Actor in the Entire World.

Not only this, Marvel Studios signed him for Iron Man 4, Avengers Infinity War Part 1, Avengers Infinity War Part 2 and currently he’s working on 2016 2nd Biggest Superhero Movie Captain America Civil War.

I Think! You get it what i was trying to say but the one thing you didn’t get it yet is…

Robert Downey hollywood megastar iron man

Robert Downey Jr Never Give Up In His Entire Career…He Just Never Give Up on his Dreams…Never Give Up!

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