DC Fans Are Trying To Remove Zack Snyder From Justice League or Even From Entire DCEU

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Remove Zack Snyder From Entire DCEU… 😮 What?!

Yes! It’s True…

Looks like DC Fans doesn’t want Zack Snyder to be the man behind Justice League Movie, that’s why people & fans started a campaign and two different petitions are filled on Change.Org to request the removal of Zack Snyder from the DCEU & Justice League.

It’s all started with Man of Steel, Superman fans literally blasted Zack Snyder with negative comments on Man of Steel & now after watching Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, it’s getting worse and fans lost their patience and want Zack Snyder out of the building.

Critics panned the movie really hard, Rotten Tomatoes even gets worse with only 38% ratings and believe me or not Some Fans are equally upset too. However, after being so much criticized, the movie is making records by records and even breaks some old one too, Currently the movie joined the $500 Million Dollar club in just 3 days.

U.S. Weekend Opening Box Offices collection of Batman v Superman exceeded over $170.1 Million but still fans are disappointed with the movie and wants to remove Zack Snyder from DCEU.

Two Petition Filled To Remove Zack Snyder

The First Petition is filled which specially request that another director be found to handle the Justice League. This petition is based in United States and nearly 584 people signed in signature goal as of this writing.

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The 1st Petition is based on completely people’s feeling on How they feel after Man of Steel and Batman v Superman and that it would be better to handle the director who does not divide the fans quite so divisively.

fans want zack snyder out of entire dceu

The Second petition is based out of India and requests that Zack Snyder should be removed from the entire DCEU by Warner Bros as soon as possible. This petition contains requests and makes a point on Zack ability to create stunning visuals but does so as he “cannot tell a story”. This petition is currently sitting at just 271 petitions as of writing.

DC Fans trying to Remove Zack Snyder from dceu

But here is the interesting situation both the petitions were started 6 days ago, meaning both began prior to the actual worldwide release of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and the other problem, of course that there is really no way Warner Bros would pull Zack Snyder off of Justice League.

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Warner Bros are currently swimming through cash, all thanks to the Biggest Opening Weekends in the history of Cinematic Universe. In addition, Justice League Part One is all set to release in 2017 and in just over a week or so, the filming of Justice League will begin.

So, if WB makes a decision to pull Zack Snyder off now, would bring crisis in Warner Bros and force a rescheduling of the entire DCEU and it also killed whatever momentum Man of Steel and Batman v Superman has created for itself.

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In the end everybody seems to care about these movies which is probably good news for their long-term success.

On my personal opinion, the movie is fuc*ing great, i loved it and watched it over 4 times and believe me i will watch it several more times. But the thing is i’m not here as a Fan boy, you should see what he has done for DC & all the work he put in this movie or any of his movies Sucker Punch, 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel & now Batman v Superman is something rare to find in a director. Zack makes great movies and what he created in Batman v Superman is purely classic & epic but you will understand it in Justice League Part One, like some of you understand all the concept behind Man of Steel is to set Batman’s Character in DCEU & forms Justice League.

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What’s your thoughts & reaction on People Trying to remove Zack Snyder from DCEU? Shout out in comments!

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