Putin Cold Open SNL & Pokes Trump For Inauguration Crowd Size

Oh Wait! That’s the women’s march.

Putin Cold Open SNL

45th President of United States of America Donald J. Trump is the second name of controversy and people of U.S. are continuing protesting against him in different ways.

Yesterday, In Women’s March parade thousands of people gathered around the U.S. and across the world to protest against Donald Trump presidency.

Today, Saturday Night Live has posted this sneak peak of Vladimir Putin cold open SNL and pokes Donald Trump for inauguration crowd.

Watch the full video here.


SNL wasted no time in mocking President Donald Trump for his Inauguration crowd size, using a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin (as played by SNL cast member Beck Bennett) to poke at Trump during Saturday’s cold open.

Here’s the crowd difference between President Barack Obama’s Inauguration vs President Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

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