Priyanka Chopra Gave a Kickass Reply To A Paparazzi When Asked About Donald Trump

I am an Indian, Are you scared?

A Paparazzi Asked Priyanka Chopra About Donald Trump as President

The global superstar Priyanka Chopra landed in Los Angeles to attend the award show but unfortunately surrounded by Paparazzi at the airport.

Donald J. Trump is going to be the 45th President of United States today after Inauguration Ceremony and there is no doubt that nearly half of American people hates him and including media.

One of the reporters asked a question about Donald Trump,

He asked:

“What are your thoughts on our new president-elect Donald trump, kinda scary?”

To which Priyanka gave a very sassy reply stating,

“I am an Indian, Are you scared?”

The reporter didn’t stop there and responds,

“No, but a lot of foreigners are!”

Watch the full video here.


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