The Past Is Prelude – Every Avenger Journey From The Start To Civil War

This Is How Civil War Starts In Marvel's New Trailer Teaser

This Is How Civil War Starts Between Tony & Steve

The Time Has Come… To Declare War…!

Avengers are now divided and they’re falling and nothing here which could possibly stop them from War.

This short video which is just released by Marvel Entertainment few hours ago, has each & everything which you could possibly think of. It’s Civil War and it’s going to happen & that’s how Civil War Starts.

The Past is Prelude and it contains memory from The First Avenger movie in which Steve Rogers aka Captain America got his powers and he became later The World’s First Avenger, a Hero…Captain America.

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The next shot is from The First Iron Man Movie in 2008 in which Robert Downey Jr. made his first armor suit in a Cave and after that he knew what he has done with his business and all these things are need to stop.

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We got some shots from the The Avengers movie which is a massive hit on Global Box Offices and earned Billions of Dollars, the story is combined every possible Avenger or Earth Mightiest Superheros in one movie.

They stood together to fight and they also get to taste like what a Battle Lose means to world in Avengers Age of Ultron when Ultron destroyed whole Sokovia.

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In Age Of Utron,, Iron Man & Captain America starting falling apart with different thoughts & idea on How to save innocent people’s life and this road is now here in the shape of…Civil War.

Iron Man & Captain America both wanted to protect Earth’s People from people with corrupt powers and now they’re one of them. Every Avenger is divided and result, Iron Man & Cap both have their teams and according to Chris Evans & Marvel Comics, not everyone is walked out safe 😮

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Divided…They Fall!

Written by Vicky Saroha

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