Pacific Rim 2 First Official Image Debuts – See Now

Pacific Rim 2 will be called Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim 2 First Official Image

Pacific Rim 2 has been dead for a while now and the latest news gave the fans a revival. Pacific Rim 2 First official image debuted and now we have a big hope that the movie is finally going to be a reality.

The release date for Pacific Rim Uprising is set on February 23, 2018. Universal Studios might consider 3D and 4DX technology for the movie if that would suit the budget.

Here’s the Pacific Rim 2 First Official Image

A photo posted by BOYEGA (@jboyega_) on

John Boyega is playing the role of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba played it in the first film). He is also producing the movie so an image revealed by him means a lot for the news.

Pacific Rim 2 was previously titled Pacific Rim: Maelstrom which is now again changed to Pacific Rim: Uprising, we hope no more title change follows.

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Comment your views below about this first official image from Pacific Rim 2 (Uprising). We would keep you connected and updated with the latest news from Pacific Rim Uprising.

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