OnePlus 5t Launched: 4 Features That Makes It Distinct To OnePlus 5

Ever since the release of OnePlus One in 2014, there has been a chaos in smartphone industry as a “flagship killer” is released every year or so that changes the fortune of big companies like Samsung and at some point, even Apple. Last night, the biggest event in OnePlus’ history was held and with that was launched the OnePlus 5t.

Here we are with 4 features that can make a difference if you are thinking of an upgrade to the OnePlus 5t.

#1. OnePlus 5t is almost all screen

With a bezel-less display, OnePlus landed its mark in this phase of the industry and it really seems like they landed the OLED display panel far better than iPhone X but there are definitely some things that made it harder for Apple to do so.

OnePlus 5t

It comes up with a 6.01-inch screen on a 5.5inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 which is a trend nowadays and that might just be a good thing for you if you are into the screens.

#2. It’s got the Face Unlocking

Apple iPhone X is a distinct iPhone due to the Face ID and to be frank, OnePlus just did an Apple here but faster.

Oneplus 5t

Although it doesn’t come up with as much security as the iPhone X as it is only based on the technology Samsung and other tech giants did earlier, so your phone can get unlocked by a photo of yours too.

#3. It’s got a better camera

The main camera is tweaked to increase the performance and assure better results as the focus aperture and pixel formation is larger in the rear camera and they have also said goodbye to the zooming lenses to make way for bigger pixel formations. A rare but smart move.

#4. It retains the headphone jack and have a faster fingerprint sensor

Although the sensor is shifted to the back panel, the results are insanely fast and even more insane is that it retains the headphone jack and not ditching it like Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 and X. Also, the price is same as OnePlus 5.

oneplus 5t

Sale starts on 21st November 5 PM for non-Prime users (Amazon) and 4:30 PM for Prime Users(Amazon).

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