Pokemon Sun & Moon Official Gameplay Trailer : Nintendo

Nintendo Pokemon

E3 2016 brought gamers their life back with Resident Evil 7 and Battlefield 1 and now Nintendo Pokemon Sun & Moon gameplay trailer is released and its gaining positive hypes.

Pokemon is one of the most loved animated series ever and its iconic characters and Pokemons are one thing we always wanted for us. If you’re 90s kid, you will know that feel.

We had nothing like smartphones or laptops or Playstation but we had some of the best animated cartoon series ever made. Be it Dragon Ball, Tom & Jerry or Pokemon or Dexter or any other, they all were our favorites.

Nintendo Pokemon Sun & Moon is a game which has the capability of bringing back our childhood. At this moment, only Nintendo is releasing and making games that matters to the 90s kids and even today’s generation.

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So, enjoy this gameplay trailer and tell us how you feel about it.

Tell us which is your Favorite Pokemon in the Comment section below!

Written by Jinu Saroha

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