Awesome! 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport Pull A 100 Tonne Train – Wait! What?

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport towing Train Carriages which are 50 times it’s weight and the 2016 Land Rover is built to tow about 2.5 tonnes of weight but after this new video shows Land Rover towing Train Carriages over an 85 foot high bridge is just spectacular.

Land Rover Discovery Sport pull the Train like it’s a piece of cake, which is approximately the weight of a Boeing 757 and this video aimed to show the company’s semi-autonomous driving technology.

This New Incredible video was shot in Switzerland.

Land Rover Discovery Sport packs a powerful 177.5 bhp Ingenium Engine under the hood and provides a torque of 430 NM.

No adjustments to the running gear, no tricks, just a utility vehicle and a train and the New Land Rover did it’s job.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Towing 100 Tonne Train

Land Rover Discovery Sport
Land Rover

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