There Is An Alien Life In Our Solar System – NASA

image source: TechWorm
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According to NASA, there is a huge possibility of Alien Life in our Solar System. NASA made this big announcement on April 13, 2017, in a Press Conference with an official statement.

Saturn’s one of the moon named Enceladus which is an Icy white moon orbit Saturn have all the things which makes Life possible on our Planet and according to NASA, it is very strongly suggested that there might be living things under its Icy shell.

saturn moon surface icy hot poster
image source: popularmechanics

Hunter Waite, leader of the Cassini Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer team at the Southwest Research Institute said,

“Now, Enceladus is high on the list in the solar system for showing habitable conditions.

The presence of hydrogen established another reference point saying there is hydrothermal activity inside this body, and that’s interesting because we know in our own oceans, those are very important places that are teeming with life, and they are probably one of the earliest places where life happened on Earth.”

Source: popularmechanics

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