Mystic Predicts Exact Day World War 3 Is Going To Begin – It’s Too Soon!

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Mystic Predicts Exact Day World War 3 is going to begin and it’s too soon. Horacio Villegas describes himself as ‘messenger of God‘ claims to have a date for World War 3. Horacio is the same guy who predicted Trump’s presidency back in 2015, he wrote that he would be elected and would become the ‘illuminati king’ before ‘bringing the world into World War 3.

But when will World War 3 begin?

“It’s May 13, 2017.”

Horacio claims that this attack would see Russia, China and North Korea added into the War and if we take a close look at the current U.S. and North Korea situation, it’s not good. If U.S. forces North Korea, China will defend N.K. and as Russia is surrounded by U.S, North Korea and China by the border, there is no option for Russia except to defend themselves and this could lead us in World War 3 situation and that’s exactly Horacio predicts.

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Horacio explained,

“The main message that people need to know in order be prepared is that between May 13th and October 13 2017, this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death!”

Twitterati Searched For The Word 'Asshole' & Trump's Account Showed Up
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But there’s more to it, Horacio also senses that there will be a devasting ‘false flag‘ which will see a series of attacks carried out by incorrect information. He claims that the false flag will take place between April 13 and May 13 and will include Syria and North Korea and be considering the current situation both of those states are in news at the minute.

As we all knew that the United States dropped the biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb of all time also known as MOAB last week in Afghanistan and according to Horacio the next target is North Korea.

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According to him, here’s how Russia and China will enter into the World War 3.

Russia is already being baited into war through Syria, just as the zionists were seeking and China will be baited through North Korea.”

Mystic Predicts Exact Day World War 3
image source: thenewstrend

Will Horacio turn out to be right or wrong? I guess only the Time has the answer to it.

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