After Infosys Releases 9,000 Employees, Now Microsoft Set To Cut 700 Jobs

It’s all about Money, Every damn time!

microsoft office 2017

Microsoft may soon cut 700 jobs during its earning call on Jan. 26 as part of its June 2017 target to fire 2,850 Employees.

According to report,

“The upcoming cuts won’t be specific to any single group but will be spread across the company’s worldwide offices and business units, including sales, marketing, human resources, engineering, finance and more”

Microsft announces this after Infosys has released its over 8,000 Employees in the past one year because of automation of lower jobs.

Krishnamurthy Shankar, the head of Company’s human resources revealed. However, Microsft has about 1,13,00 Employees across the world and company is still hiring over 1,600 jobs opening posted on Linkedin.

Microsft soon to be worth One Trillion Dollars, ahead of Apple Inc, Alphabet, and Amazon.

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