Matt Damon Tear Up Las Vegas In New Jason Bourne Trailer – Watch Here!

New Jason Bourne Trailer

New Jason Bourne Trailer Has Landed…No It’s Not a GTA Trailer… 😀 😛

Bourne Movies are currently the best Spy Movies in film industries and Matt Damon’s Super Spy movie is coming back this summer which is officially named as Jason Bourne, a latest Trailer has been released just few minutes ago by Universal Pictures and it’s freaking looks like GTA at some levels.

The opening scene of Jason Bourne Trailer is just like a GTA Game and Matt Damon remember his past when he was trying to find who is he and where does he come from or why he is so dangerous, literally CIA called him as a Weapon.

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New Jason Bourne Trailer
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We all knew he’s too Dangerous for any spy or organisation to handle but things are getting pretty worse when Jason Bourne is back and we don’t know yet what he was trying to find or looking for, but the New Jason Bourne Trailer is looks like comes straight from a Live Action Game.

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Bourne literally tear up the Vegas or even destroy MGM Grand Casino too, he literally destroyed Las Vegas.

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How can we forget his One-Hit-Knockout Punch in the first opening scene of Jason Bourne Trailer, he literally knockout the other guy and what appears to be a Desert Fight Club but again we don’t know yet that the scene is from the end of the movie or in the start where Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne Character is introduced to the audience.

Julia Stiles (Former CIA Agent) says to Bourne in the trailer that

“remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.”

New Jason Bourne Trailer Snap! 😮

New Jason Bourne Trailer
source/universal pictures

Jason Bourne Movie is a Action, Thriller, Adventure Movie which is directed by Paul Greengrass and features Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.

Jason Bourne Movie will hit theaters on July 29.

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