6 Biggest Secrets Reveals From The Marvel Phase 2 Set

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As, you all know that Marvel Phase 2 is now comes to end and to celebrate the success of Marvel Phase 2, we’ve find out these 6 Secrets from the Marvel Phase 2 Set.

Of course, a fan is always wanted to learn each and everything about the movie, they didn’t already knew. Specially their favorite superhero movies. ๐Ÿ˜€

After watching these 6 Biggest Marvel Secrets, you’ll know that Marvel guys are really putting lots of efforts in making all those superheros movies and they absolutely love their Job.

6. Post Credits Scenes Are Barely Planned

guardians of the galaxy 2 the collector
source/marvel studios

Marvel is well known for his post credits scenes which gives us the idea about the upcoming adventures for their characters.

Marvel tied Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor The Dark World together by adding an extra post credits scene to Thor The Dark World in which the collector showed with Universe one of the most Powerful Infinity Stone.

5. Ant Man Introduce In Marvel Phase 2, Just To Be Used In Civil War

Best Action Movies of 2015 ant man
source/marvel studios

Marvel is always keeping his eyes on the future and that’s why they introduce Ant Man first in Marvel Phase 2, just to be used later in Captain America Civil War.

That’s a really wide thought! ๐Ÿ˜›

Marvel introduce Ant Man in Phase 2, because they knows that in Marvel Phase 3 when the things goes wrong there is nobody who can stop the disaster.

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After Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel wanted to focus on a one more Human Story and that’s why Ant Man is the best choice for it.

4. Introducing Thanos Behind All Guardians of The Galaxy Chaos Is Josh Whedon’s Idea

Thanos in avengers infinity war
source/marvel wikia

Feige admits that in first place it wasn’t our original plan to introduce Thanos behind all this chaos but when Josh Whedon, suggested that he’d be the one behind all the scenes of chaos, It Just Made Sense.

Whedon also include a scene in Guardians of The Galaxy in which Thanos is introduces, so the audience would finally get to see him in action, after a long time and In Avengers Infinity War Part 1 & Part 2 and also in Guardians of The Galaxy 2, you’ll see Thanos in real action.

3. Huge Fight Scene Between Thor and The Vision Was Cut From Age of Ultron

Video Credits/JoBlo Movie Trailers

Vision has a bit of a fight with Avengersย in first meeting scene and Josh Whedon cuts the whole fight which was happend in between Thor and Vision.

In the original fight, The Vision looks more aggressive and gets into a longer fight with all Avengers alone. Vision has also those powers who aren’t seen in the movie, He turned transparent when Captain America Throws the Shield at him but Marvel cuts down the full fight footage from the movie. In case you haven’t seen the footage, here is the full fight between Vision and Avengers.

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2. Sokovia Accords Plays A Important Part In Civil War

civil war Sokovia Accords
source/marvel studios

After Sokovia’s destruction, Now, Government demanding all the superheros fall in line and sign it to keep them under control but some agreed with Government, some aren’t but the real reason behind all this chaos is Sokovia Accords.

In Latest Captain America Civil War First Trailer fans saw a glimpse of Sokovia Accords and they knows how important it is to get a sneak peak on Sokovia Accords.

1. Loki Wield Thor’s Hammer In Thor The Dark World

Video Credits/Fresh Movie Trailers

Surely deleted scenes are often holly grail for bonus features which gives us an insight look of the movie and characters but due to some reasons Marvel cut this scene from Thor 2 Movie in which Loki wields Thor’s Hammer, imagines himself being the King of Asgard.

Most of the deleted scene does make sense but some aren’t but it’s their way to adding for depth to the movies.

So, what do you think about Marvel Phase 2 Secrets? Which one do you like the most? Shout in comments!

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