Marvel Deadpool Everything We Know So Far

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Deadpool aka Weapon XI aka Wade Wilson is a mercenary. You didn’t know about his true powers and capabilities but you know one thing and that is, he is a classic Super Villain. Ohh i’m sorry, you didn’t know that he was a Villain in Marvel Comics earlier. There is plenty of things you didn’t know about Deadpool and now is the time to know about something Marvel Deadpool, it’s time to take a glance at Deadpool’s Character in detail. I’m sure many of you are Deadpool Fans, but you didn’t know about many of these details which are listed below and you haven’t know about his character or his true powers, so let’s take a glance of Marvel Deadpool Character. Shall We? Okay! First thing First.

Deadpool Is A Mercenary

wade wilson mercenary

Marvel Deadpool aka Wade Wilson has Super Human Strength, Reflexes, Stamina, Agility & Intense Healing Power. He is an Expert in Martial Arts (Like Batman), Swordsman and Marksman. Earlier when his Character in Marvel was not decided, Marvel put him in experiments where he was given mutations of other mutants and was originally called as Weapon XI.

“All I ever wanted was to travel to far-off, exotic places, meet new and exciting people, and then kill them, so I became a mercenary. My name is Wade Wilson. And I love what I do.”Wade Wilson

Marvel’s Deadpool First Debut Was In X-Men Origins Wolverine

Deadpool Christmas Eve Trailer
source/20th century fox

Okay, Here the X-Men seriously messed up Marvel Deadpool in the end (where Deadpool fights with Wolverine). If you saw him earlier in X-Men origins Wolverine, when he was Wade Wilson and recruited by William Stryker during Vietnam War with other X-Men Team.

However, William Stryker passed some witty comments to Wade Wilson-

“If you didn’t have that mouth on you, Wade, you’d be the perfect soldier.” – William Stryker

Marvel Deadpool name Weapon XI was come from, after William Stryker experiments on him and giving him extra capabilities acquired from other captured mutants but the thing went wrong when William Striker seals Wade Wilson mouth and gives him an Adamantium Skeleton (Same Which Are Wolverine Blades Are Made off) and two Adamantium Blades too (Same Like As Wolverine but one in each hand) and named him Weapon XI.

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wade wilson x men origins movie

Things You Don’t Know About Wade Wilson In X-Men Origins Wolverine

There was no role for Wade Wilson in X-Men Wolverine but after Ryan Reynolds Casting in the movie, His Role was grew larger. Deadpool only supposed to have only a cameo role in X-Men Origins Wolverine.

In order to match Huge Jackman’s Physical form Ryan Reynolds went through a intense training, just to match with his Physical Form. Pretty Intensive! Right?

Deadpool All Appearance In Movies

weapon xi vs wolverine
source/marvel studios

Believe it or not, Deadpool is appeared only 4 times in which 3 of them are movie appearances and 1 of them is in a game.

X-Men Origins Wolverine – (First Appearance)

X2 : X-Men United – (Only Name)

Deadpool – (Debut Movie In Marvel Cinematic Universe)

X-Men The Official Game – (Only Name)

2016 Marvel Deadpool Movie Details

deadpool message spiderman
source/marvel comics

Ryan Reynolds aka Wade Wilson aka Deadpool has been talking about wanting to make a Deadpool Movie since 2005 and now he got one now. Do you know Deadpool was include in Team of X-Men and Avengers by Marvel Comics Universe. He is a part of both the teams but eventually in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Deadpool haven’t got any Avengers movie yet and nor X-Men after X-Men Origins Wolverine.

tony stark vs deadpool
source/marvel comics

There’s a great chance you never saw Deadpool Movie Flopped at the Box Offices because now, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool has become a fan favorite. He is mentally unstable though, but that’s okay! He’s definitely fun too. Deadpool Fan’s love him, although Deadpool is his first debut movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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flying deadpool
source/marvel comics

To those who don’t know the story of Wade Wilson, he’s grew up with Abusive Parents and then he runaway as a Teenager and when he diagnosed with Cancer Wilson volunteered to let a Government Research Lab Experiment.

He fondly referred as “The Merc With The Mouth” in Marvel Comics. Deadpool character life include a Blind Al, A Old Women, he kidnapped as a friendly hostage (You’ve saw her in the trailer too) and Deadpool’s Friend Weasel who supply him Weapons and the character played by T.J.Miller in Marvel Deadpool Movie.

Deadpool Intense Relationship With Death

deadpool death
source/marvel comics

Deadpool’s Most Interesting and Intense Relationship has been with the Literal Incarnation of Death Herself (She’s a Marvel Universe Character) and Deadpool tries to kill himself over and over again to be with her which makes him more Hilarious when he do such things, Ohhh common! He Can’t Die. It’s Impossible for him to actually Die.

And You know who else is in love with the Death, The Ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe Super Villain Thanos (Yes! that guy with the Purple Face). What do you think, why Thanos is so busy gathering the Infinity Stones. Of Course for Death. He want to destroy the world, just to impress her. (You’ll see it in Avengers Infinity Stones Part 1 & Part 2).

Reynolds and Fox Studios promised a movie, true with the Marvel Comics and this is what they achieve so far. Here is the Trailer of Upcoming Marvel Deadpool Movie and it’s worth watching. Here is the Red Band Trailer of Deadpool 2016 Movie. Enjoy!

Video Source//20th Century Fox

Deadpool looks to win our hearts and minds of every comic book fan on February 12, 2016.

Deadpool, After Reading This Post!

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