13 Most Powerful Artifacts In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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I know what are you thinking right now. You must be thinking that Tesseract is the most powerful artifact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it’s not true at all. There are more artifacts which are more powerful than the Tesseract Cube.

I know that the Tesseract is an impressive artifact but it looks very small as we compared it to the most powerful weapons ever in the history of Marvel Cinematic Universe. These 13 Artifacts are the Most Powerful Weapons/Artifact In The Whole Marvel Universe.

13 Yaka Arrow

yaka arrow guardians of the galaxy
source/marvel studios

Yaka Arrow is one of the most powerful weapons in Marvel Universe. Yeah! I know it’s not very big or flashy but believe me, it’s very powerful. Let’s take it this way, when In Guardians of the Galaxy, he was surrounded by almost 20 Sakaarans in Xander War and how easily he escaped from there by killing all of them.

12. Iron Man Armour

Iron Man vs Captain America CIVIL WAR New Entry Battle Poster

Tony Stark’s latest Armour Mark 45 is very powerful yet destructive weapons ever had by MCU. Tony built his armour in Avengers Age of Ultron when his two suits suffered from damage from The Ultron and The Hulk. Now, he has new Artificial Intelligence named F.R.I.D.A.Y. after J.A.R.V.I.S was replaced Inside Vision in Avengers Age of Ultron Movie.

We will see what will he come up with Avengers Infinity War Part1? A More Powerful Armour Maybe?

11. HoFund

HoFund sword

Yet Another Most Powerful yet destructive weapon in MCU is HoFund. How many weapons can transport people in one Realm to another? Very Few! and Heimdall’s Sword HoFund has the ability to transport people into Nine Realms and also Heimdall used it in During the Battle of Asgard in Thor : The Dark World.

10. Mjolnir/Thor’s Hammer

god of thunder hammer

Mjolnir is the insanely powerful artifacts in MCU which has the ability to blast the surface, deliver extremely strong blows, fly into the air, control & produce lightning and my favorite one it can change Thor’s Costume too. What else do you want now? Hamann!

It’s enchanted by Odin so that only the worthiest can use it. A Few people who can lift Mjolnir is Odin, Thor, and Vision. Captain America has been able to move slightly, just slightly.

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9. Gungnir

 Gungnir odin weapon

It’s the freak in Spear of Odin. What more can be said? Enough Said!

This freak weapon is able to fire sustained Energy Blasts while it’s also enchanted to recognise it’s holder as Asgard’s True Ruler.

8. Cap Shield

Cap Shield

Captain America Shield may not have the ability to fire blasts, produce lightning or transport people from one place to others but believe me it’s a very powerful yet cool artifact in MCU.

Remember when Thor and Cap have tussled in a battle in The Avengers and Cap Shield not only withstood the full force of Thor’s Hammer but deflect the damage and sent Thor Flying Away?

It’s an Insanely Balanced Weapon which can absorb GunFire, Bomb Blast or even falls from the heights that would otherwise kill a Normal Man. Cap Shield is used in Close Combat Battle, attacking further away targets and thrown like a Frisbee which ricocheting enemies before landing back in Cap’s Hands.

7. Cosmic Cube

Cosmic Cube or teseract

Remember the power of Tesseract in The Avengers when Chitauri Invasion had failed by the Avengers. But this is something that way to more powerful than this type of Invasion.

It’s a Cosmic Cube which can destroy Galaxies and whoever holds it become Invincible. It’s Freakin Powerful Weapon!

6. Eye of Agamotto

Eye of Agamotto

The power of Eye of Agamotto is very rare and destructive. It can re-arrange Molecules, Disintegrate People’s and allows it’s wielder to travel through time and space.

The one downside of Eye of Agamotto is that it can overcharged and explode into six pieces and re-arrange the pieces is very difficult as they explode in various dimensions into space.

5. Mandarin Rings

Mandarin Rings

You’ve seen 10 Semi-Magic Rings worn by Terrorist Mastermind Known as Mandarin in Iron Man 3 are pretty crap but you will be shocked after knowing this, that how much power it can contain.

Each of the rings has a specific power, It can shoot Fireballs, Disintegrating things like Eye of Agamotto, It can control people’s mind too and making things explode violently and they called as Semi-Magic because the rings were actually made by an Alien called Axonn Karr who used them to power their SpaceCraft.

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Its wielder can control Minds, Ice, Darkness, Light literally Everything.

But no one has ever been able to figure out, How They Work. Maybe One Day Someone can Figure Out!

4. The Infinity Gems

The Infinity Gems

The Infinity Gems are the pieces of the Goddess who existed before the Universe. These 6 Gems known as The Infinity Gems can control Power, Time, Space, Reality, Soul, and Mind. Imagine How Cool is that if you will be able to manage to get The Infinity Gems. It’s one of the best and powerful artifacts in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3. Ultimate Nullfire

Ultimate Nullfire

The Greatest Weapon in the Marvel Universe which can destroy anything. Anything included Timelines, a whole Multi-Universe and it’s the only thing in the Universe which scares the sh*t out of Galactus.

2. Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos The Bad Titan wants the Infinity Gauntlet and that’s why he is recovering all the 6 Gauntlet around the Universe. Remember that Thanos has only the Glove, not the Gauntlet. So, it’s something watchable, when is Thanos trying to achieve the Infinity Gauntlet and How Avengers Will Stop Him to achieving it?

When Thanos collected all the Six Infinity Gems, he will set them into a Single Glove and basically become a God. The only Limitation the Infinity Gauntlet has it works only in that particular universe, it is made.

1. Heart of The Universe

Heart of The Universe

Heart of The Universe is the ultimate and most powerful thing in the whole Universe. It makes Cosmic Cube, Tessaract, and Infinity Gauntlet looks like some Tinker Tiny Toys in comparison.

There is nothing in the Marvel Universe that stands up to its Power. If all the things like Infinity Gauntlet, The Infinity Gems, Eye of Agamotto, Ultimate Nullfire, Mandarin Rings and Cosmic Cube were combined couldn’t make a dent in Heart of The Universe if they wanted to.

What do you think which Marvel Cinematic Universe Artifact is the Most Powerful? Shout them out in the Comments!

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