This Relationship Advice Text By a Guy To His Best Friend Is Just GOLD!

Don’t Let Her Go!

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Let’s admit, not every guy on this planet knew about the relationships and how they work but some guys do. Just like this Relationship advice expert friend.

This Relationship advice text from a guy to his best friend is just the thing you need to read before jumping to any conclusions.

A Guy who had an on-and-off fling with a girl, unsure about his feelings, asked his best friend about what to do with his feelings.

The Guy asked his best friend,

“Bro I want her but I don’t know”

His best friend reply became a lesson that he will never forget. Here’s what he replied,

“Mate if you have still someone that still texts you when you haven’t replied for hours, watches you give other people attention while you ignore them, or even just handle all the bu***it you throw at them, you need to f*****g knock some sense into yourself, tell them thank you and I love you, and never f****g take them for granted or let them go because someone like that is hard to find in this f****d up world.”

He continued,

“You need to step your f****g act up. She is crazy for you and she’s going crazy because of you and you sit her and talk about how much you love her and how much you want her but you don’t show it. Instead, you ignore her and text other girls. You comment on so many girls pictures and she sees and you know that you keep posting pictures of other girls and you know she sees that as well but she’s still here waiting for you.”

The Guy finally asked him to just go for it or leave it there. He said,

“She’s so crazy about you but you don’t seem to care, you don’t seem to care about her and her feelings. So if she wants to move on then you f****g let her because this game you’re playing is killing her. If she wants to go then let her f****g go because you don’t seem to the effort that she does. She talks about you likes you put the stars in the sky, she smiles every time someone says your name, while you ignore her texts and only speaks to her when you’re feeling lonely. Either hold it down to ONLY her or let her the f**k go because you know she deserves to be treated way better than this bro”.

It’s way too easy to take people granted in this world, Especially in the wild rise of Social Media. When you think you have limitless options.

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Instead of focusing what we love and what we do have, we’re playing it cool and get caught up in confusions.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. And tell us what do you think of this guy’s Relationship advice to his best friend in the comments section below.


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