Why You Shouldn’t Believe The Critics And Watch And Judge Justice League Yourself

I am not being biased here but all the critics and review sites are for sure. I love DC and Marvel equally but there is a propaganda running in the industry that I can sense and that is against DCEU. Ever since the release of Man of Steel and the start of the new DC Extended Universe, the critics have been too hard on DC movies and the latest example is of Justice League.

Zack Snyder started off the universe with a Superman origin film and made it a good mixture of fun, emotion and action. The whole plotline was set up to make a way for future DC superhero movies and casting Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent was one of the finest decisions ever taken by Zack and today, we can only imagine him as the Kal-El.

Justice League

The film had a lot of easter eggs and we can easily connect to it in Batman v Superman. Okay, I know that the theatrical cut was not that good, but the director’s cut for BvS was really superb. It followed the comic-line for the Death of Superman events and some help from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ animated movie. The iconic fight sequence was inspired by that movie.

I understand that for some, the whole Martha scene was little too much to adapt to but for a regular Batman lover and comic follower and all those who knew Batman to the core, it was all about the emotions and commitment of not letting another kid become orphan.

Bruce didn’t want anyone to bear the pain of losing the most important part of life, family. But when he was fighting Superman to death in that fight sequence, his mind was occupied by all the horrific incidents he thought were the fault of Superman. So, when Superman said ‘Save Martha!’ when he was about to stab him with a kryptonite equipped spear, Batman only stopped from killing him after Lois Lane assured him that she is his mother.

Justice League

By hearing all that he got to his senses again. He still didn’t want anyone to lose their family and even though Superman was an alien, he still has a family. So, that’s how the whole thing worked. Now, I know that the Doomsday thing was not that great but that was a really fun fight.

Now, moving to the next movie in the run, Suicide Squad was an average movie and was served well by the critics as it had more than a dozen plotholes but it was a satiric take to the events of Superman in Metropolis.

After that came the only praised movie from DCEU and that had to be because they couldn’t question the ability of Petty Jenkins as much as they can question Zack Snyder’s who had previously admitted that he is not that good a storyteller. So, every time, the critics take it as an excuse and follow a prototype while judging his movies.

Now, coming back to Justice League, the movie was previously said to be a 3 hour long marathon but since the exit of Zack Snyder during the filming due to the tragic death of his daughter, the CEO of WB ordered Joss Whedon (Co-director) to reshoot some part of the movie and make it no more than 2 hours long.

Justice League

The whole team was directed to make Justice League a fun movie with action and all the drama that a normal superhero movie needs. To be honest, they delivered a movie that is hilarious at times, dark when is needed and have many surprises. The CGI is a bit weak but so is of Thor Ragnarok and every other Marvel movie out there. Steppenwolf is all digital so it was too hard to portray an unforgettable villain.

I don’t see much problem with the storyline except the fact that everyone would have loved the 3-hour version of the movie more so that they could get into the heroes more.

Rotten Tomatoes has given it a score of 37% as of the writing of this post with 193 critic reviews counted. On IMDb, the movie is standing at a strong 8/10 but the same thing that happened with other movies is happening with it as negative ratings are again high.

So much is happening and despite Thor Ragnarok being so much light toned and highly comedic, the same critics praised Ragnarok for that and when DC tried that with Justice League, the same critics criticized it with being funny and lesser dark. They are saying that DC is not following its colour and tone. They are saying that it should be dark.

My question is that if DC is supposed to be darker then why on earth did you slam Batman v Superman for being too dark. The only thing I want to ask is why can’t any of the reviewers just be unbiased and judge a movie by the way it is.

I agree with the fact that DCEU should follow their own footsteps and continue making good, dark and gloomy movies that they are known for and let the critics say whatever they want to. As a movie watcher, I don’t care about the reviews and believe in judging the movie by myself. And so should you guys who are reading this.

Don’t let them take charge of you and your thinking and your decisions. Stop looking for reviews and judge the movie by trailers or yourself or your inner self that would guide you in the right direction.

Justice League is a great movie, a fun movie and more importantly, it opens a series of doors for the upcoming race of superheroes. Let’s just hope that WB and DCEU start making the movies that they should.

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