This First Justice League Dark Teaser Teases the DCU’S Latest R-Rated Animated Film

Are You Talking About Magic? – Batman

Justice League Dark Trailer

DCU is now one step ahead with Justice League Dark teaser and now they’re unveiling the first official teaser trailer for their latest r-rated movie.

Justice League Dark features the voice of Jason O’Mara as Batman and Jerry O’Connell as Superman and will arrive on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital formats in early 2017.

The trailer tease shows what happens when demons and magic start proliferating in the DCU world. DCU’s animated Justice League Dark introduces John Constantine.

It’s the first official trailer for JDL and a cool looking one and of course, it has Batman, who’s been described as the audience viewpoint character for the film, has a heavy presence throughout the teaser. Matt Ryan also backs in action as John Constantine.

Every superhero has a dark side but what other side does Batman have?

Video Source/IGN

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