Why Justice League Part 2 Is a Better Option Than The Batman Movie?

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Justice League 2 vs The Batman Movie.

After Justice League, Ben Affleck‘s The Batman Movie is the highest anticipated movie from Warner Bros.

However, Justice League will be releasing this year but there no official confirmation about Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman Movie.

The reason behind this is because Ben has stepped down as the director of The Batman and now according to reports, he doesn’t want to play the Batman either.

Fans of Batman are very tensed as there are no official reports on the production date of the film.

WB is also not confirming about any details regarding the Batman movie.

It looks like it could still be far away from being made and all the problems that the Batman movie is currently facing are just too much to handle.

So the question arises if it is really necessary to make a Batman movie first?

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Well, it’s okay to make a standalone movie in the middle of the mess but it doesn’t look like it will perform big at box offices.

The reasons I already gave you, Ben Affleck doesn’t want to direct it because of too much stress as director and star but now he doesn’t even want to star in it.

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On the other hand, Zack Snyder is directing first Justice League Movie and it will be out in the end of the year. So, why it is not a good idea to direct an another Justice League instead of directing a Batman movie?

Everyone in the DCEU and Warner Bros knew that making a Batman movie is not a joke. He’s the only hope left for DCEU after Superman has failed to impress the fans at the box offices with 2013 Man of Steel and latest 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros is now considering every option to save money and earn a profit.

So, here I give you one, make an another Justice League movie instead of The Batman.

Who doesn’t want to see a Justice League Movie?

fanmade Justice League Trailer

It is a perfect ensemble movie that needs to be made and not only this, the movie is important to DCEU, it is also important for the DC Superheroes.

Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman release dates are already planned.

DCEU needs a team-up movie, not a standalone movie. Especially not when Batman v Superman bombed at the box office. Two greatest superheroes of all time and the result was not impressive at all.

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Fans of DC are like 50-50 of Batman v Superman reviews. Please don’t make this mistake again.

Batman v Superman has grossed over $850 Million worldwide. Now put Justice League on board and Warner Bros will easily make over $1 Billion worldwide and that’s not bad at all.

But on the other side, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series has collected over $2.4 Billion at the box offices.

But hey! who are we kidding? there is no Christopher Nolan to direct a Batman Movie here and let’s face it there is no Christian Bale either to star in it.

Ben Affleck might be the real Dark Knight for some fans but hey! the reality is he doesn’t want to be the Dark Knight anymore.

Ben Affleck Batman won't have a future after justice league movies
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Well, What do you think? What do you want the most? A standalone Batman Movie without Ben Affleck or a Justice League 2 which will be directed by Zack Snyder of course, and will star Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight.

Let us know below!

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