John Wick 3: Keanu Reeves Shares His Idea For The Storyline

If this happens, it would be really cool

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Keanu Reeves‘ recent appearance as John Wick in John Wick Chapter Two is being loved by millions around the world. The film has gained both critical reviews and box office collections. It had set the possibility for John Wick 3 and in the quest, Keanu Reeves shared his idea for the story in an Empire Podcast.

John Wick Chapter 2 is considered as an example of how sequels should be made as it is even better than the original movie and when this type of thing happens, a third part is a surety.

Keanu Reeves started off his story with:

The opening of the film should be Wick just trying to escape from New York. Literally trying to get off the island. Maybe he asks the Bowery King for help. Maybe John Leguizamo comes and helps me out.

“John I can’t do it, you are excommunicado!”

Maybe the High Table shows up and then the High Table starts firing guns. And then maybe this kind of thing starts to happen between the High Table and Continental? Maybe John is the activator of this confrontation, and perhaps there is a war? Wouldn’t that be awesome!”

After reading this, I know what would be running on your mind, and in real that’s what is in my mind too that how perfect Keanu Reeves is in terms of work and he always gets involved in the role he is given and does it with all of him.

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john wick 3

Maybe, this is why John Wick 2 turned out to be such an awesome movie and is outperforming other big giants released.

Its triumph is still running and we hope somewhere around $100m before Logan hits.

We don’t know if this would be the storyline but obviously the direct won’t take it too lightly and would like to give it a shot in his head for John Wick 3.

[Source: ScreenRant (via – Empire)]
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