Ileana D’Cruz Talks About Her Past Eve-Teasing and Harassment

“I have been a victim of eve-teasing and harassment and it’s traumatic.”

Ileana D'cruz

Eve-teasing is a very common issue among almost everyone. Recently, a lot of big names came out being experienced with harassment and teasing during their early life stages. The latest name to be added to the list is of Ileana D’Cruz.

Ileana shared her touchy story of being harassed and teased but also seemed glad to have understanding parents. She said on a micro-blogging platform,

I have been a victim of eve-teasing and harassment and it’s traumatic. I am lucky I have beautiful parents who gave me strength when I needed it.

Earlier, she tweeted a story about a girl been harassed by her ex-boyfriend titled “I’m leaving my ex’s dirty messages and voice notes because he’s left me no choice”.

Other than her, Sonam Kapoor also revealed her bad past and eve-teasing. She revealed that she was sexually abused in her childhood where someone from behind grabbed her breasts and she didn’t know how to respond and started crying.

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This happens a lot with many girls and they don’t share it with anyone because they think that it’s their fault. We can save someone’s life from being spoilt. Every man should know that women are no toys to play.

If you’re doing this with someone, then someone else could do the same with your sister and mother. So, respect and take care of them rather than molesting them.

And we all can understand the pain Ileana D’cruz went through and we should do something about this so that it won’t happen again with any girl.

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