GoT Season 6 Episode 10 ‘The Winds of Winter’ Photos Released!

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GOT Season 6 is finally ending and the end here seems to be more legit and full of suspense and thrill. HBO has released 6 new images from Got Season 6 Finale and all they can tell us is that tension is surfacing around in Meereen and Kings Landing.

The girly bromance between Daenerys and Yara was astonishing. She promised to bring Iron Islands back to her in return Yara will declare her Queen of the Seven Kingdoms from her House.

Now, as the masters are gone, Daenerys seems to be a bit stuck. She is in double-standards of what to do now with the city. It’s a really big question that if she can’t handle one city, how would she manage the Seven Kingdoms?

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We will also see what Littlefinger asked from Sansa Stark in return for helping them winning in the Battle of Bastards which was one-sided until the force of Vale intervened and turned the battle upside down.

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Other than that, the biggest battle would be in Kings Landing where Margaery, Loras Tyrell and Cersei would face trial. Cersei isn’t afraid of using The Mountain to protect her from the trial. But would she kill her own son? That’s not just Cerseistic!

Anyways, a lot of drama and tension will surface in the finale. So, don’t miss it at any cost.

GOT Season 6 Finale Airs On 26th June, 2016 on HBO at 9 Pm!

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